Our Process

At Mayfair Advocacy we have a very clear process that allows the buyer to be in control and allow Mayfair to work for you as we find your ideal property:

A thorough analysis of our client’s property preference is undertaken to determine what is important to you and what is not important when selecting property. It is imperative that Mayfair Advocacy achieves total clarity of the client’s preference to allow for a more effective and proactive approach. Mayfair Advocacy can then effectively go to work for you on your behalf and find the right property that is best suited to your preferences.

  • What do you want to achieve?

  • Why do you want to invest in property?

  • Preferred Structure
    (Negative, positive, neutral gearing)

  • Property Type

  • Price Range

  • Long and Short Term Goals
    (Rental Yield v’s Capital Growth)

  • Location Preference

  • Main Concerns

  • Purchase Structure
    (SMSF, Trust, Family)

After a comprehensive screening and selection process, we will locate the perfect property based on your needs and goals. We provide you with full support and guidance from start to finish. We have direct knowledge of all project within the building and construction market from conception to completion and established relationships with builders and developers around Australia, this allows for a seamless transaction with no middle men or real estate agents, as an advocate, we do all the work for you.

  • Location Research and Data analysis of past present and future conditions

  • Market Growth

  • Rental Yield

  • Annual Growth

  • Median Price

  • Median Rent

  • Rental Demand

  • Est. Cash Flow

  • Vacancy Rates

  • Walk Score

  • Demographic Analysis

  • Micro Economic Analysis
    (new and existing infrastructure – i.e. vacancy rates, unemployment, past and future growth etc.)

  • Macro Economic Analysis
    (state and federal plans and infrastructures)

  • State Legal and Tax Analysis
    (each state has different pros & cons relating to stamp duty and land tax)

  • Design and Build Quality

  • Developer and Builder Research Analysis

  • Turn-Key Options

  • Cash Flow Analysis (on going property expenses – fixed and variable)

  • Full Cost and Fee Analysis

  • Settlement Timeframes

  • Contract Conditions

We know that each of our clients have specific goals and timelines; only you can dictate to us when you are ready for your portfolio expansion. We do not manipulate our clients with high-pressure sales tactics. We believe that maintaining a long-term relationship is paramount, and we will always be ready to help when our services are required.

We offer many exclusive after-market services that are exclusive due to our extensive network of developers, builders, advisors and property management experts that we have established relationships with to help assist our clients when needed.

Implementing your strategy is only half the battle, when using Mayfair Investment Group we ensure you are getting the full service from start to finish. To ensure your strategy remains up-to-date and in line with your needs, objectives and market conditions, we recommend reviewing your plan regularly.

  • 24/7 Customer support

  • Monitoring construction and providing on going up dates

  • Provide a turnkey built product ready to be tenanted/occupied

  • Assist with Sourcing a tenant via a property manager

  • Help coordinate insurance and provide ongoing support

  • Receive Market Condition Reports and Product Innovation Updates

  • Address any changes in your Personal Circumstances

  • Monitor relevant Legislative and Regulatory Changes

We offer many additional after-market services that are exclusive to our clients. We have strategically partnered with Developers, Builders, Financial Planners and Advisors and Property Management experts allowing us to extend industry only benefits and cash back incentives. We provide a full solution and totally unique buying experience when using Mayfair Advocacy.

We guarantee your time working with Mayfair Advocacy will be an enjoyable experience and know that through this experience, we will create a much stronger foundation for growth in the future.

We guarantee your time working with Mayfair Advocacy will be an enjoyable experience and know that through this experience, we will create a much stronger foundation for growth in the future

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