Mayfair Advocacy is diligent in sourcing the correct data from the appropriate research centres. We carefully select areas in Australia that have only the strongest potential and present hard data to support our choice.

There are many advantages and disadvantages when selecting a particular type of property. Mayfair Advocacy are strong believers in research and knowing our clients specific needs, a thorough analysis of each client allows us to develop comprehensive property preferences and present options that are well suited to each client; refer to our process for a more detailed explanation.

Locating the right type of property for each client is based on very select information, thorough research and working closely with our client to present the best possible solutions.

Mayfair Advocacy believes that through a thorough tax analysis our clients can, in most cases, maximise their benefits by investing in property. We have partnered with Australian Companies of the highest caliber to ensure our clients get the right advice for their individual situation.

Negative gearing occurs when the cost of your investment property outweighs the income generated by it. This has tax benefits to the investor where this loss can be offset against the investor’s income. This allows the investor to apply for PAYG Withholding Variation and can increase the investor’s cash flow during the year. We recommend always seeking advice from your tax agent or advisor first.

Positive gearing occurs when the rental income generated by the investment property each year outweighs the cost to own that property.

Mayfair Advocacy is diligent in sourcing the correct data from the appropriate research centres. We carefully select areas in Australia that have only the strongest potential and present hard data to support our choice.

There are many reasons why people use an advocate when buying property. Mayfair operates differently to our competitors; we tailor specific packages for each client, which results in a cash injection after the settlement of our client’s property.  Here are a few key benefits in using Mayfair;

We are experts in finding property for our clients. We live and breathe property and know how to bypass and navigate our industry in order to effectively and efficiently complete a task.

  • Established Relationships

    Mayfair has established key relationships with builders, developers, and project marketers specifically to utilise those connections when sourcing property for our clients. We have exclusive access to developments that are not available to the general public, along with an extensive network of professionals in order to get up to date, current information “in real time” whenever it is required.

  • Local Knowledge

    We know when and where to buy due to our ‘inside knowledge’ and consider local knowledge to be key in buying property in established areas. Mayfair is a local Australian company with people who live in the area, on the ground doing all the research for you.

  • Mayfair is always available for you

    We are available 24/7 and there when decisions have to be made, and when relationships have to be developed. Interstate purchases are no longer a worry when using Mayfair; we assist in every way to ensure a seamless transaction. We are national and know how to manage and deliver for our clients no matter what area of the country.

  • No more ‘Google’

    Mayfair does all the work and research for you. Having Mayfair working for you means less stress and more freedom to enjoy life. We know it can be difficult to effectively research all aspects of the market when trying to juggle work and family commitments. We will deliver comprehensive and detailed information without you having to deal with the stress and pressure or trying to find the time to thoroughly analyse the market.

This is entirely the choice of the client, however We have established relationships with only the best property managers and can assist you directly, providing ‘after market service’ which other companies may not. With our experience and connections we can guarantee  that only the best management teams will be there to ensure that your investment property is properly managed post-settlement.

Mayfair Advocacy understands that this goal is paramount for the majority of Australians, and is why thousands of Australian families have used investment properties in order to facilitate this goal.

Absolutely, however a detailed analysis of every Australian suburb at any one time is next to impossible for the average Australian investor, making it difficult to distinguish a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ time to invest. At Mayfair Advocacy we believe that through our extensive up to date research and our past performance with our network, we know when and where to invest.

Mayfair Advocacy believes in ‘prevention is better then a cure.’ We believe through our extensive research and knowing the market and statistics of any given suburb this issue can be made mute. We do however understand that this can still happen regardless. Mayfair maintains strong relationships with our clients to ensure that they are covered if this was to occur.

Mayfair Advocacy sources all property directly from the developer and builder; all prices are set at market value and do not change or fluctuate. We do not add fees or increase any price, as this would clearly effect the valuation. Clients will always purchase at market value through Mayfair Advocacy.

When using Mayfair Advocacy transparency is key with all fees and charges disclosed prior to purchasing property to ensure full disclosure.

  • Costs of buying a property:

    • Stamp duty

    • Conveyancing fees

    • Legal costs

    • Search fees

    • Pest and building reports

  • Costs of owning a property:

    • Council rates

    • Water rates

    • Insurance

    • Body corporate fees

    • Land tax

    • Property management fees

    • Repairs and maintenance costs

Through Mayfair Advocacy ‘s extensive property management network and advisory service, we have secured clients investments through various methods of insurance. Through careful tenant selection, this risk is dramatically minimised.

Mayfair Advocacy  knows that this may be one of the key reasons behind the purchase of an investment property. Clients buying property have experienced great tax breaks, saving thousands every year due to their particular structure. We recommend always seeking advice from your tax agent or advisor; we can also help you by directing you to one of our Australian partners.

It’s never too late to invest, but we know that every individual situation needs its due diligence. We recommend using our Australian partners to ensure your structure is right for your particular situation.